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ART ROOF TOP Studio specialises in corporate art consultancy, concept development, and artwork creation and design. Staying up-to-date in the art world is part of our mission to always keep a fresh eye, explore emerging trends, and discover what's innovative and impactful.

Our studio's environmental art design mixed multidisciplinary disciplines such as art illustration, painting, sculpture, graphic design, lighting design, and parametic design, in order to achieve impressive visual experiences.

Our experienced team of dedicated specialists share a passion for art and innovative thinking. For us, environmental artwork and graphic design are essential to storytelling, conveying emotions, and enhancing user experience, especially within the visual translation of ideas in the office environment.

The better those stories are designed, communicated, and understood in a workspace, the more corporate culture will be amplified and assimilated.

At A.R.T. STUDIO, sustainability and community are at the heart of every project. We are fully committed to reusing, transforming, and upcycling material to build our artworks.


Sergei's personal artworks

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