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Drawing Portrait

Academical course

The head. 

Every era brings with it a new image of the human being, and seeks its own distinct human ideal.

Nowadays, we are in danger of losing sight of the human image. 

The curriculum and objectives, the methods and strategies of artist anatomy should be drawn from the artistic creation process itself. 


Artistic anatomy of the head must wake up, set aside old traditions such as:  

1. Studying from a real model, not from the printed picture.  

2. The skull, bones, and joints are studied in detail and are carefully demonstrated, when possible, on the living model.

This course is a long and intensive program. 

1. Learning about the compositional arrangement. 

2.Overview of the bones and organization of the skull.

 3. The constructional form and plastic appearance of the skull.

4 Perspective studies of the head.

Different three-dimensional perspectives of the head.

5. The muscles of the head.

6. Facial expression in portraits.

At the close of each semester, the students showcasing

a) muscle surface anatomy representation

b) drawings of details of the Face of David (nose, eye, ear, mouth).

c) Portrait drawings of a model which is posed

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