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3 days/week

2 days/week

1 day/week

valid for

10 months

5 months

3 months




2 days +/week

2 days/week

1 day/week

valid for

10 months

5 months

3 months



2 days/week

1 day/week

valid for

10 months

5 months

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Course overview


It's our great pleasure to offer you admission to membership at Art Roof Top Club.


In our art-inclusive community, education is thorough, values are reinforced continuously, and friendships among peers and teachers are especially strong.

We believe that your talents and capacity for hard work will reinforce the high standards and principles of the Art Roof Club community.

With this offer of membership, a new chapter begins for you. A new chapter begins for Art Roof Top Club as well.

Take the opportunity to explore more about us.

Flexible Timetable

Art Portfolio

Good value 

Art Life

We are open 6 days a week, so classes are versatile. 

Allow a showcase of your best work to be displayed in a custom art portfolio that you can develop through the sessions.

Art Roof Top Club offers teaching from art teachers trained by top academies for a great value.

The impact of art on young minds is greater than any academics. It allows creativity to flow from children and is great for their llbeing



Sergei Rozhnov

Classically trained at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world,  the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute for Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after Repin,artist Sergei Rozhnov is collected around the world by museums and private collectors. Sergei is a reputable artist, with a striking talent. He has an established reputation as an excellent classical painter with solid academic knowledge, yet with his own very unique style.   

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Niki Tong

Niki Tong is a Hong Kong born artist. Her works

are exhibited in both Hong Kong and the UK.

As a qualified art teacher, she had rich teaching experiences

in both A level/IB visual art and special-needs 

education settings in the United Kingdom.

She mainly specialises in developing students'skills and techniques, mentoring the progress of portfolio development.

Her passions are to stimulate the next generation's creativity and connection people via art.


Merryn Trevethan

We are thrilled to welcome Merryn Trevethan, an Australian contemporary artist and art educator, specialising in painting and drawing, to our ART team. Merryn has completed her Masters of Fine Arts Painting in Australia and prior to ART Club, she has taught workshops, classes and intensives to adults and children over the last 12 years. 

Membership Fee for kids 3-10 y.o.

Membership Fee for kids 10-16 y.o.

2D/Week Member package 

3 Month Fee - HKD6,000 (HKD250 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD9,000 (HKD225 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD16,000 (HKD200 per session)

1D/WEEK  Member package

3 Month Fee - HKD3,300 (HKD275 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD5,000 (HKD250 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD9,000 (HKD225 per session)

 2 D/WEEK Member package

3 Month Fee - HKD7,200 (HKD300 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD10,000 (HKD250 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD16,000 (HKD200 per session)

1D/WEEK Member package

3 Month Fee - HKD3,900 (HKD325 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD6,000 (HKD300 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD10,000 (HKD250 per session)

Membership Fee for Adults 

3D/Week Adult Member package

Afternoon sessions

3 Month Fee - HKD12,500 (HKD350 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD18,600 (HKD310 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD30,000 (HKD250 per session)

Evening sessions

3 Month Fee - HKD13,680 (HKD380 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD20,400 (HKD340 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD33,600 (HKD280 per session)

2 D/Week Adult Member package

Afternoon sessions

3 Month Fee - HKD8,600  (HKD360 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD13,200 (HKD330 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD22,000 (HKD275 per session)

Evening sessions

3 Month Fee - HKD9,400 (HKD390 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD14,400 (HKD360 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD24,800 (HKD310 per session)

1D/Week Adult Member package

Afternoon sessions

3 Month Fee - HKD5,100  (HKD425 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD8,000 (HKD400 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD13,000 (HKD325 per session)

Evening sessions

3 Month Fee - HKD5,400 (HKD450 per session)

5 Month Fee - HKD8,500 (HKD425 per session)

10 Month Fee - HKD14,000 (HKD350 per session)

Students' work