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The Athletes Wall

Adidas Global Sourcing , Hong Kong 

Art installation of six athletes spanning nearly 3 meters in height features classical elements generated in contemporary interpretation.

Deeply inspired by epic legend of the lost continent Atlantis (it’s people were beautiful, tall and athletic) artist Sergei Rozhnov created a multi layered structure of athletes using forms from the natural world: cutting dies from plywood (resembles bones), metal net (resembles blood vessels and nerve fibers, connective tissue and muscles) and painting pigments (skin tone) that takes on a sculptural presence and represent diversity and inclusion inspiring people to greater understanding and trust between cultures.

The interactions of three layers that appear to both shift towards and away from each other in dynamic tension, movement and motion to showcase multinational talents through rugby, muay thai, jogging, soccer, basketball, tennis and to challenge social norms that divide and limit societies.


Hong Kong

Adidas Global Sourcing , Hong Kong 

Hong Kong & The World


Adidas Hong Kong 

The recently abandoned Aberdeen ship yard was chosen by artist Sergei Rozhnov to source historical wooden artefacts and driftwood. The wood is repurposed to create a 280 square foot realistically scaled map of a section of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon. The inspiration is the evolution of a humble fisherman's village into an urban contemporary mega-city.

The city's most important landmarks are crafted and using recycled wood sourced locally, reflects adidas values of sourcing and producing innovative, sustainable materials for the world. The world map in brushed stainless steel identifies adidas as a global brand with pins representing headquarters in Herzhog, Portland and Shanghai.

The Shoe


Adidas Hong Kong 

"The Shoe" represents one of the many steps adidas has taken to achieve success.

This artwork blends craftsmanship, attention to detail and technique to come to life. A flow of recycled adidas yarn twists and turns organising itself into an intricate and purposeful pattern. As the sole, the artwork symbolises the need for support, protection and to enhance the capabilities of the athlete and appeals to our inner sense of resilience, stability and inclusion.

Using a scaled paper template, and over 8 days, 9,900 metal pins were applied to the black backing. Multiple strands of the yarn were painstakingly knotted to the pins at different levels. The discipline and dedication needed to achieve "The Shoe" embodies the spirit and determination of athletes.


Sport Hong Kong

Adidas Hong Kong