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Collaborations with



ichi-go ichi-e

Microsoft Office 30/F, Tokyo

“Ichi-go Ichi-e”: the once-in-a-lifetime, unrepeatable nature of each moment in a meeting should be treasured.


The concept of the individuality of each gathering, each union, resonates heavily with this piece; through the use of aluminium sheets, artist Sergei Rozhnov explores the idea of rotation and synchronization, which mirrors human interaction, transforming each moment of communication into something rare and profound. Lively circular imageries of illusion create a facade, alluding to the shape of the teacup in tea ceremonies.


The viewer’s outward visions are enriched as the layers move in spirals like hot steam, evaporating into a new portal-like dimension, awaiting the immersion of the viewer. For a moment, the viewer comes into harmony not only with the artwork, but the individuals around, forming a communion

16bit Tea Ceremony


Microsoft Office 31/F, Tokyo

Artist Sergei Rozhnov explores the duality of Japan and its transformation from its traditional roots to a contemporary perspective.


He assembles 16 smaller screens to create one in the dimensions of a computer screen and displays graphics inspired by the style of Japanese pop art. The 7 kimonos -one for each day of the week- each allude to a different concept:


Monday for business, Tuesday for commerce, Wednesday for war, Thursday for Art Benzaiten, Friday for fortune, Saturday for Fukurokuju, and finally, Sunday for long life. The ceremonial Kimonos are full of references to its culture, both past and present, combining elements of each time in seamless collages.



Microsoft Office 31/F, Tokyo

“Ichigo Ichie”; the connections found between two people are rare, once-in-a-lifetime.

The doors, lled with nature, open up like a portal, revealing new realms of human connection-

ideal for the MPR.

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