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Collaborations with DBS BANK


DBS Bank Office

Integrating the company's philosophy behind "Live more, Bank less", the colourful map of Hong Kong includes whimsical drawings of city life. With the help of our local art helpers and club members who brought their families to colour and draw, even the process behind the mural speaks of DBS' ideologies of community development and holistic living.


DBS Bank Office

The company stands for sustainability in all facets. This mural integrates the DBS motto into the Hong Kong skyline. For this project we asked people within our community to donate their used keyboards and gave them a new life and meaning as a captivating mosaic. Computer keys have been carefully arranged and meticulously cut to capture minute details. This handmade, original work of art is created completely from repurposed material.


DBS Bank Office

In this design, pre-loved DBS uniforms were cut up and woven with the help of textile experts. They form a range of abstract waves and lines that signify dynamic motion and fluidity. In themselves, the fabric is a symbol of the community, heritage and history of the company.


DBS Bank Office

Decorating the high ceilings of the office are a range of pieces made out of recycled acrylic materials. They are positioned in a way that mimics nature and energy. The shapes come together to create the company logo, however in their separated state they resemble arrows. Reflecting the willpower and drive of DBS employees, this floating artwork is an ode to their dedication.

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