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About us

The mission of Art Roof Top Club is to teach the fundamental principles, methods and techniques of European art, the way they have been transmitted over the centuries since the Italian Renaissance. The teaching method that we use is one that originated from 300 years ago, when artists began to develop a teaching method inspired by the works of Renaissance masters, by masters of later art periods in Europe, and by Italian and French schools of art. This method is successfully used to this day in art institutions in Europe and we are proud to bring this knowledge to Hong Kong. Creating art is a great way for children and adults to gain confidence in their decision making and build essential creative problem solving skills. Every step involves making a decision: what colour to use, how to make a line, what size should it be etc., in order to make something. With every choice the object becomes more and more of their own. Everyone has an imagination; art takes it a step further. Through art and craft, children and adults bring their imagination to life. Thus, they create visual manifestations of abstract ideas.

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