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A collection of our most recent installation concepts we plan to bring to life. 


PORTAL plays with light and mirrors, transporting you into an immersive “in-between” between now and the future. Like a modern-day house of mirrors, it invites you to speculate what is real and what isn’t, while emitting a pulsating energy that embodies a gateway to uncharted realms.


A translucent canvas, behind which there are hoses with a supply of paint. The system starts up within the presence of a person - the signal goes to the server, which starts the flow of pure colour into the hoses. random improvisational movement of hoses mixes colours and forms complex expressive combinations.


The installation artist, interacting with the environment, draws a picture in real time, sensitively reacting to what is happening around it.

Screenshot 2023-08-24 at 12.20.33 PM.png

column hall

“Column hall” is an interactive light installation that acts as a visual reflection of the artificial inclination of society. Forming a circular space within itself, spectators are encouraged to walk through the installation as well as around it thus offering unique visual experiences from various perspectives. 


The installation is a metaphor for a society whose ideas are understandable only to its members. In a broader sense, the work opens up a field of discussion, where any kind of community, united by a common idea, is seen as an artificial construct, and not as a result of social evolution.


Through interactive installations, visitors are encouraged to reflect on the nature of creation, considering both human and non-human entities as potential creators of art. The kinetic sculpture includes motion detectors, through which the tubes sporadically spray liquid within its glass enclosure. This liquid is continually recycled as it drips down the walls back to the centre.


An installation comprising layers of translucent silk, each depicting abstracted ink figures. The silk sways in and out of closeness from each other, resembling an illusive dance. An atmospheric score and shifting lights accompany it. The work illustrates the spiritual tide: one's ever-changing connection to spirituality in the temporary and fragile physicality of the human vessel.

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