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sergei rozhnov

Sergei Rozhnov

Classically trained at one of the most prestigious art academies in the world,  the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts named after Repin,artist Sergei Rozhnov is collected around the world by museums and private collectors. Sergei is a reputable artist, with a striking talent. He has an established reputation as an excellent classical painter with solid academic knowledge, yet with his own very unique style.   

Merryn Trevethan

Merryn Trevethan

We are thrilled to welcome Merryn Trevethan, an Australian contemporary artist and art educator, specialising in painting and drawing, to our ART team. Merryn has completed her Masters of Fine Arts Painting in Australia and prior to ART Club, she has taught workshops, classes and intensives to adults and children over the last 12 years. 


Lisa surikova

Lisa Surikova

Lisa Surikova, an art expert from Russia, with a solid working experience organizing and curating art shows and installations in Russia, China and Hong Kong, founded Art Roof Top in 2019 in Hong Kong as an art group dedicated to showing independent foreign artists based in Hong Kong. In response to gaps in the market, Art Roof Top group of artists focused on their great love, China and bridging European traditions in art with Eastern Art.

john gale

John Gale

John Gale is a British artist who focuses on drawing and sculpture in the tradition of working from life models and casting his sculptures in bronze. His work heavily emphasises human figure, movement, and contemplation, drawing inspiration from most notably, Rodin's works including 'The Thinker' and 'The Fallen Caryatid'. He imparts his expertise on human anatomy and classical sculpture techniques through his weekly sculpture studio classes .

andrew dembina

Andrew Dembina

Andrew is an experienced managing editor with a demonstrated history of working in print and online media, and radio production and presenting. As a strong media and communications professional, he produces lifestyle copy with focused particularly on art and culture.
With a bachelor’s degree focused in Fine Art and Art History (Hons) from De Montford University, Andrew has taught art to pre-primary-, primary- and secondary-school children across Hong Kong.

aya mingazova

Aya Mingazova

Aya Mingazova is an esteemed artist hailing from Turkmenistan. Having studied Interior Design in University, her paintings are known for their harmonious use of colour and composition. Passionate about feminine empowerment and art as an escape, Aya has thousands of clients who have painted under her guidance.

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