About us

The mission of Art Roof Top Club is to teach the fundamental principles, methods and techniques of classical art, the way they have been transmitted over the centuries since the Italian Renaissance.

The teaching method that we use is one that originated from 300 years ago, when Russian artists began to develop a teaching method inspired by the works of Renaissance masters, by masters of later art periods in Europe, and by Italian and French schools of art. This method is successfully used to this day in art institutions in Russia and we are proud to bring this knowledge to Hong Kong.

Our Professor Sergei Rozhnov is a graduate of top Russian Academy, the St. Petersburg Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named by Repin who is one of the most highly skilled artists in the world.        

Art and creativity are not just for certain special people. Everyone can be creative. Once we realise that it is only fear that stops us from expressing our creative gifts, there is no limit to what we can achieve. So, come along for a class and see what you can create!