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Open Class for 6-9 y.o.

interested in our art programs but not sure where/when to start?

Come to our studio for:

- exploration of July theme

- FREE art jam session

Art Roof Top invites you to our 6-9 Y.O. OPEN DAY

Bring your kid in for an art jam taster session with teacher Andrew Dembina (free of charge!)

Walk-in to our studio on 22/7 to learn more about art.

Venue: 1/F, 17-19 Yik Yam St, Happy Valley
Time: Saturday, 22 July, 12:00pm-1:00pm

See you then!


今個星期六(7 月 22 日)中午 12 點至下午 1 點,我們邀請 6 至 9 歲的孩子來參加免費的 1 小時 藝術即興創作!


Art Roof Top本月的主題為「大自然-動植物」,我們期待各位年輕藝術家在此主題下,創作出屬於自己獨一無二的作品。


孩子們將會在老師 Andrew Dembina 的指導和啟發下,參考相關圖片以及發揮創意及想像力,表達他們對大自然的印象和理解。




Art Roof Top 期待與有創意的孩子們見面!


歡迎各位家長與 6-9 歲的小孩來參加這個工作坊,各位可以在中午 12 點抵達我們位於香港跑馬地的工作室。



Join the Open Class:

Please note that participants MUST:

1.Not an Art Roof Top member, or a previous member

2. Be 6-9 years old

Note: By participating Art Roof Top Open Class, Art Roof Top may use or broadcast all or parts of your work on any of the services (for example, online, Instagram). Art Roof Top may also edit or alter the work so it can be used for broadcast effectively.

Thanks for submitting!

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