Tue 2:45 - 3:45 pm

Course Overview

It is possible to feel embarrassed when you have never moved in front of other people in ways other than sitting down, standing, walking, and working. But in this workshop, we will try to achieve the opposite, to break down all boundaries and judgements. There is no competition in who does a more beautiful dance move, who is more flexible, or who can remember the choreography better than the other. This is not about dancing, remembering steps or looking beautiful. This is about movement, finding your flow, breathing, taking control of your body and communicating with ourselves and others through the most basic kind of interaction. Through techniques such as 5rhythms, contact improvisation, plus other physical and social exercises, participants will be able to release tension in their bodies and free their minds.


Ashley Leung


Tuition fees

1 Month Fee - HKD1000 / 4 sessions (HKD250 per session)

Ashley's slow motion performance