Drama Workshop 


Mon 4 - 5 pm (Teens)


Tue 4 - 5 pm (Kids)

Course overview


A theatre production is not only the work of that hour of performance, but the work of many hours before. What gives us theatre folks the greatest satisfaction is to be able to see and feel instantly the reactions of our audience on performance day and to give our 100% on stage after weeks and months of accumulated efforts, teamwork and confidence. It doesn't matter if you are shy, a bit awkward, not very artistic, theatre is not about pretending to be something we are not. It is about finding our strengths, weaknesses and being honest with who we are, plus extend our potential. In this workshop, we will strive to do exactly that.


No one is less important than the other in theatre. If you are a tree, you are important. A tree in a storm is different than a tree in the breeze. Mastering how to control body movements to show character of your role is undoubtedly a special skill! Do not underestimate it! Or... are you a crafty person, an engineer? You would be the perfect set and props builder. If you do not know what you like or what you are good at, don't worry! You will be surprised how much more you will learn about yourself during the workshop.


Ashley Leung

Tuition fees

STAR package 4 session/month

1 Month Fee - HKD1000 (HKD250 per session)

Ashley's slow motion performance

1\F. 17-19 Yik Yam Street. Happy Valley. Hong Kong.


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