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Concepts of digital technology and aspects of humanity and authenticity are combined in this ceiling painting, found in the digital department of Swiss RE. Technology is a new concept, and when combined with confidentiality, it can lead to a plethora of possibilities in the future. Artist Sergei Sergei utilises his previous artistic practices of mural art and ceiling paintings to create this precise mix of colours and structure. Sergei believes that the next step in evolution involves a deliberate and meticulous blend of humanity and machinery, and the linking bridge between these two abstract concepts.


Ærø Kunsthal

Ærø Kunsthal is housed in an old merchant’s house from 1783 in Vestergade 41 in Ærøskøbing.

Ærø Kunsthal offers a 1,000 m² art exhibition and a larger outdoor area for sculptures and installations.

The building is divided into a main building and a warehouse with a large inner courtyard in between.

In the main building, there is a museum shop, a studio and parts of the exhibition; in the former storerooms, the exhibition can also be seen.

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Ramen Cubism is no speakeasy, though its location makes it seem like so. Despite taking the basement space of a commercial building sandwiched between Stanley Street and Wellington Street on the stretch near Lan Kwai Fong, the new ramen shop is far from difficult to spot.

A single-file beeline stretching from the only brightly-lit space situated halfway down the dimmed alleyway will point you towards Ramen Cubism, and you’ll notice the brightly coloured graffiti mural on the wall, painted by Russian artist Sergei Rozhnov. Inside, the animated chefs presenting and serving ramen gave the brand a lively, energetic vibe, while the predominant wood finish interiors evoke a naturally cozy ambiance that comes to define ramen eateries.

ULSO2694 RTS Panorama.jpg


Making the world a brighter place is the vision of Covestro. The company pushes boundaries of what is possible, providing innovative and sustainable materials for the world.

Having this dynamic idea in mind, artist Sergei Rozhnov created a large-scale monument painting in the new Covestro office in Hong Kong.



Farm Food is a marketing strategy for the restaurant "Happy Hour". The visual art context is very easy to follow and it can be very helpful in understanding the main idea of the company. Mural painting: Farm Life" by artist Sergei Rozhnov




The Wencheng Castle in China was listed as a Cultural Tourism Site in 2018 and is one of the greatest achievements in China's 21st-century art.

Canadian Chinese Li Wencheng invested 9 million US dollars in Wencheng Castle, which today contains three places and a castle which spread over 70,000 square meters. It was built and completed in 2017.

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