10-16 y.o. Teens Art Club

 Drop-in Classes & Membership program.

Want to develop your portfolio for DSE, A-Level, IB, iGSCSE, your dream university or just for fun? In our portfolio classes, you will learn the fundamental principles, methods, and techniques of art. 

Our program, consisting of a wide range of mediums, such as drawing, painting, composition (sketches, etudes) and more, will allow students to experiment and develop their personal styles.

All artwork is made from life. Students develop practical skills of working from life using sketching and painting techniques. From this, students will able to form the ability to independently find methods of artistic expression.


The course includes the following:

- Acquaintance with a linear-aerial perspective

- Drawing simple geometric shapes, constructive and tonal drawing with graphite

- Still life  

- Making sketches, using a range of materials (marker, pen, ink, etc.) 

- Watercolour, acrylic and soft pastel techniques

- Portfolio building/ training for Art Universities 


Classes for teens are held 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday & Saturday). The program is suitable for 10-16 y.o.

Entry is made on the evaluation applicants' artwork.

This course requires zero prior training. 


IB Visual Arts Program: