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10-16 y.o. Children Art Club

 Drop in Classes & Membership program.

Your dreams are valid for us. 

The mission of Art Roof Top Club is to teach the fundamental principles, methods, and techniques of classical art. 

Educational programs are a complex of classes of drawing, painting, and composition (sketches, etudes).

All artworks are being done from life. The student develops practical skills of working from life using basic graphics and painting techniques. Step by step our students are able to form the ability to independently find ways of artistic expression for solving the task set.

The course includes the following tasks:

- acquaintance with a linear-aerial perspective

- drawing simple geometric shapes, constructive and tonal drawing with graphite. 

- still life  

- making sketches, using various graphic materials (marker, pen, ink, etc.) 

- watercolor, acrylic and soft pastel  techniques

Entry to is made on the basis of viewing the works of applicants in artistic disciplines

 Classes for children are held 3 times a week (Wednesday, Friday and Saturday). The program is suitable for children from 10 years. It is possible to start classes in this program with a zero or initial level of training.